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      I have a house with wooden fascias and soffits which are still in a good condition but now need re-painting. What is the best paint to use on this external woodwork ? Can I  just use any white gloss or does it have to be a special type ?

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      A glossy white will do the best, but are you not considering the use of natural look type just like the varnish coating? It is the same stuff I did for my dining table –

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      There are paint that also reflects it natural look so it can retain its original way, mine however, when it comes to furniture, I just I only use firm sanding paper then a single coat of varnish to looks new again, I did that to a 3 year old benches that I bought at

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      Using a natural look solutions is a good idea,, so it can retain its natural beauty. But if you prefer getting new one for walls or perhaps the door try this one, they have best materials for any type of home improvements.

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      Whenever you are planning for a renovation or replacing materials such as windows and doors, I would recommend this, they have quality products for home improvement like the front door I got from them just recently.

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      Indeed and simply to say, modern home is more safe as it follows the new building standards regulation for safety compare to old homes. But for me I much wanted to use old materials for home improvement and renovation such as furniture windows and doors as they are more strong and reliable and often made of natural wood which is really hard to find now or it will cost you much when you buy new one. Garage stores or direct from salvage houses are place where you can get these good materials. But for me, I find it often available at Caldwells store in CA which I just got this one recently.

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